Areas of Application

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We produce plastic building components for a variety of areas. There is almost no sector which we do not cover. You cannot imagine the world without plastics. Especially our world here at ADS Kunststofftechnik.

We have listed below all the areas in which we have core competencies and hold the most experience. For these and many other sectors, we machine prefabricated parts with CNC turning and milling machines.

Antriebstechnik Piktogramm

In the area of drive technology, we are a professional producer of drive elements, such as toothed belt wheels, chain wheels, and much more. In addition to the manufacturing of the mentioned parts, we mainly process PA 6G, POM and PEEK. These synthetics have proven to be suitable materials within this sector. We will of course process other plastics for you, including with enhanced characteristics and in different colors. From complex individual parts to large-scale production – we will manufacture your component!

Energietechnik Energietechnik

In the energy technology, certain electrical properties are often wanted in a material. On the one hand, the material should isolate, on the other hand in some applications it supposed to be antistatic (AST) or electrically conductive (EL). For all these cases, we have the suitable material for you. Particularly popular in these areas are PE 1000 EL and PE 1000 AST. Let us know which properties your desired material needs to have and we will offer you the fitting material. We are always here for you in an advisory capacity.

Fahrzeugtechnik Piktogramm

Reasons for the continuously increasing use of plastic materials in the automotive industry are mainly in the various possibilities of functional integration and the potential for weight saving in comparison to metallic materials. Our synthetic materials are for example used as rolls, wheels, gear wheels or sliding parts in the heavy-load industry. Building components for cargo securing are also often needed. The application areas of prefabricated plastic components in the automotive industry are versatile and cover almost all building elements that this sector offers.

Förder- und Transporttechnik Piktogramm

One of the distinguishing features of plastics used in conveyor and transport technology is their high durability. Materials such as PE 500, PE 1000, POM, PA 6 G, PET and PVDF are being used here to machine transport cups, covers, barrels, airframes, sliding parts and many more. Our years of experience in this sector make us a reliable partner for you as the customer. Precision is our strong suit. With our finished parts, you will have quality in your product – promised!

Labor- und Medizintechnik Piktogramm

For the manufacturing of complex plastic components which are being used in the laboratory and medical technology field, lots of experience and special expertise is necessary. We have acquired exactly this knowledge over many years and are the ideal partner to produce your synthetic components. We only use high-grade plastics for the wide array of products, such as high-frequency isolators, pump casings, dosing pistons, and many more. You will also find many of our components in dental medicine and dental laboratories. In the area of medical technology, we enjoy a high level of confidence among notable and ambitious customers from the pharma industry whose high standards we always satisfy.

Maschinenbau Piktogramm

You can find plastic building components almost everywhere in the field of engineering. Often, they will be found as gear wheels, rolls, casing components or sliding elements. Especially gear wheels and rolls are often put under a lot of strain. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose the correct material in the beginning. Often picked for this purpose are POM or PA. Get in touch with us so we can choose the fitting material together. We will then manufacture your finished parts out of this material from sample or drawing.

Lebensmitteltechnik Piktogramm

Around the food industry, there is a variety of machines. Different kinds of food items need to be produced, processed, get further processing, packaged or decanted. For all these steps in the process, special machines are required. Machines, consisting of parts which are certified to come in contact with food. Plastics are often ideally suited for the contact with food. Also, plastics are convenient in many areas due to their good mechanical properties.

Verpackungstechnik Piktogramm

In fact, packing machines are available for every known consumer good. Bananas, you may ask? Even though, you will find them loose in your supermarket’s fruit section, they arrive packed in a carton in Germany. To produce these packing lines, worth millions in most cases, uncountable individual parts are needed. We, too, contribute with our parts to the seamless and satisfactorily functioning of the machines. We produce and deliver various building components, such as sliding components, gear wheels, casing components, rails, augers, star configuration conveyors, and much more – simply all the parts of a whole!

Wassertechnik Piktogramm

Because of our broad material range and production possibilities, we can produce, among others, prefabricated plastic parts according to your wishes. We recommend plastics with almost no water absorption because they cannot well up. We are happy to provide you with personal advice and detailed information on this. You can also have a look around our material data center for other suitable synthetics. In this field, we also contribute prefabricated parts for international construction projects (e.g. for water purification).

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