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Our Materials

In case you are looking for the right material for your finished prefabricated parts, you have come to the right place. Here you will find materials which are processed as standard at our company. On this website, you will find our material pyramid showing the price-performance ratio of the materials. We can deliver and process all these materials. But not only that! You can also inquire about plastics with enhanced properties, composite materials and fiber-reinforced composites. Thanks to our competent partners, we can also procure non-standardized plastics on short notice. Do not hesitate to ask us – we will assist and support you.

Within the following list, you have the possibility to filter our standard materials according to temperatures, density and moisture uptake. Thus, you can already determine some of the main material characteristics and see which materials are worth considering. Additionally, you will find a fact sheet with every synthetic material.

Die ADS Kunststoffpyramide bestehend aus teilkristallinen Thermoplasten.


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