Quality and Experience

We, the ADS Kunststofftechnik, have over 19 years‘ experience in plastics processing and the manufacturing of technical plastic components at our command. Today, we are for this reason proud of our satisfied customer base which is constantly expanding. Using cutting-edge CNC turning and milling machines, our company manufactures finished parts from thermoplastic, such as plastic gear wheels, plastic sliding rails, pulleys, transport cups, covers, cases and 5-axis parts always in top quality. To ensure our quality, we work with our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Erfahrung und Know-How in der Kunststoffverarbeitung.

Broad Range of Plastics

Our assortment of plastics is broadly diversified. We do not only process standard and technical plastics such as PE, PP, POM, PA and PET but also high-performance synthetics, such as PVDF, PTFE, PAI,PPS and PEEK. Additionally, we can offer you a multitude of composite materials and plastics with enhanced or special properties.
You can find more information and data about our materials in our material data center. Naturally, our service team is always available to assist you with their ideas and advice.

Piktogramm Kunststoff-Halbzeuge

Competencies and Areas of Application

Our products are being used in a variety of areas and machines. We have expertise in the areas of laboratory and medical technology, packaging technology, special machine construction, optical goods industry, paper industry, transport and conveyor industry, printing and textile industry as well as in food technology. You will find more information about application areas here.

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